Giving back

Racing Simulators for Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital

$20, 000 Goal

  • Racing Simulators for APH100%

My name is Kyle Masson, I am a professional race car driver currently competing in IMSA in Prototype Sports Cars. I am also a college student at the University of Central Florida (UCF). I am raising money so that I can build two racing simulators at the Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital in Orlando, FL. The money will be used to buy the equipment necessary (computers, televisions, simulation wheels and pedals, ect) to put together two fully functional simulators. I will also create on line racing opportunities with Racing internet software companies, like iRacing that will allow the kids to improve their extreme driving skills and develop high level race craft.

It is a goal of mine to help the children at the hospital escape from the seriousness of their adversity and to experience the sport that I love so much and in doing so, give them a fun, happy and exciting space. I want to inspire them to chase their own dreams. I am very fortunate to be able to race and in doing this I want to help teach kids how to chase their own dreams, however impossible they may seem. There are so many ways to experience your dreams and this technology is the beginning.

I want to visit the hospital weekly and I will teach the kids extreme driving and how to race cars on their simulators. In doing this I will hopefully inspire a spark in some of them for the love of my sport but also give them fun and meaningful entertainment in the middle of their seriousness. I hope to achieve a personal message of hope and dreams that will inspire these kids to fight through their adversities, hopefully while making their journey a little less difficult.

This campaign is being coordinated with Arnold Palmer Medical Center Foundation, the Orlando Health Foundation and Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals. The money not being used on the simulators will be given directly to the these foundations in support of the children.